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Day One In Braces…

I am a “37” year old jewelry designer and stylist. With a 4 year old son… So as you can imagine this stage in my life getting braces may seem a little silly, extreme, non conventional… AND Yes it is all of those things… I have thought about doing this for many years now and have had several consultations all of which told me that do to the small nature of my jaw I would have to have 2 or more teeth removed in order to create the space needed to straighten my bottom teeth.

That was until I found new Technology on-line call the Damon System.  I have read and researched every teeth straightening method known to man and then this… Something that could transform the way I smile in 18 months or less and WITHOUT removing any of my teeth…!

Day One In Braces

  AS you can see the Damon System Braces are much smaller that traditional braces and they are smooth all the way around.


I had the Damon Braces put on just yesterday and today I am in a significant amount of discomfort.  I can expect it to get gradually worse over the next 7 days… Eating has been difficult.  Soft foods mostly until I get use to the braces and the discomfort lessens…

I will be updating this story every 6 weeks to document my progress and for others that find themselves wondering if this what they have been searching for all these years!~

Wish me LUCK ♥

2 Responses to “Day One In Braces…”

  1. Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewlery

    I just had a client ask me why not Invisaline?! Here was my response to this question…
    Invisaline would not work for me. I am to complicated of a case. I have a very small jaw so much so that my wisdom teeth are fused to my jaw bone never to come up or out… Invisaline is for people that need a small amount of corrective work done… This system widens my smile by pulling my teeth outward making room for the others. This widens your smile which is more complimentary to your face..

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