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My First Photo Shoot With Braces…

I have had my Damon Braces for about 2 months now and am finally getting use to them. Fortunately I have not experienced much pain.  I find the most annoying part of having braces is eating out and the food getting stuck in between your teeth and braces. I now carry a tooth-brush with me everywhere I go and I constantly find myself swishing water around in my mouth to remove any excess food!~

My second visit to the Orthodontist was last Friday and I got great feedback that my teeth are moving rather quickly so we bumped up my appointments from every six weeks to every four.

As you know if you follow me a huge part of my life is designing and fabricating custom couture jewelry.  Doing so I do not always have a model readily available.  I am so used to photographing pieces on myself but as you can imagine once the braces were on I felt incredibly insecure doing so. I decided to work with what I had and photograph the new pieces on myself that I needed to get in the mail and on their way..!

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For the first shoot after having my braces on I feel like I did fairly well making them unnoticeable.  The hardest part for me was holding my lips gently over my braces without if being obvious I was trying to cover them.

I am thrilled at the progress I have made with my Damon System Braces and I am truly looking forward to my next visit to the Orthodontist..!

For more information on Damon System Braces or to read about  “My first Day in Braces” you may do so by following this link – Day One In Braces

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