The 6 Things I learned while living in Nashville

What a great read about a part of the country I left behind last September. It brought on a tear or two as I reminisce about my time spent in beautiful TN.

Rae Marshall Photography Blog

Everyone is starting to realize our secret, which is move to Nashville right now.  Well, that’s just a resident’s opinion, but it is true that the population has been exploding in the last few years. Whether it’s from that tv show that you may have heard of, the growing artist industry or business in general, this is definitely a hub for new people.

I moved here 3 years ago in search of a bigger place, but couldn’t quite stomach LA or New York right out of college.  I found everything I had ever been looking for, and a lot of valuable lessons learned that will stay with me no matter where else I end up. This week is my 3 year anniversary of moving here as I prepare to head to Florida with my fiance, and was inspired to write a sappy love letter to Music City.  


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