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♥ Every Bride ~ Has a Unique Story ♥

♥ What does every bride to be hope for when she starts the planning process?  Speaking from my own experience I know that all I truly wished for was for it to be special, unique, and to include some personal touches that exhibit my personal style on this very special day of L.O.V.E…..!


Rachael Stiefel Roden

Meet Rachael ~ A Chattanooga bride I had the privilege to create custom brides maids jewelry for that she gave to her girls as their gifts!~  I have many brides come to me for their jewelry but not as many brides maids requests!~   Having a custom design where the bride  takes part in the creative process is always much more impactful and well received than a bag of Bath and Body Works any day!~  Just ask your brides maids!~


What I truly love about these brides maids custom pieces is that each cuff bracelet is a bit different so each girl gets a one of a kind piece all their own to remember this very special day ♥


There are so many small but impactful ways to show off your personal style, and leave your girls with something very special to remember the time they shared with you on your WEDDING DAY ♥


Rachael Stiefel Roden


Amanda Winters Kling

Amanda ~ This gorgeous bride not only had some custom crystal drop earrings made to match her grandmothers vintage pendant she went all the way and had custom pieces created for her brides maids, and flower girls!~


Custom Swarovski Crystal Drops for Amanda Winters Kling


 Amanda was part of the creative process all the way through selecting the color of metal, sending photo swatches of brides maids dresses so that we could color match the Swarovski pearl embellishments ♥  Do you think these girls liked their custom brides maids jewels?!  I think so…!




Hair bows and custom Swarovski crystal and Fresh Water pearl bracelets for these sweet little flower girls!~  Something I am sure their mother/sister of the bride will treasure forever ♥


We matched the sash on the brides dress to coordinate matching champaign chiffon hair bows for the flower girls.  Sizes can be customized for even the smallest little peanut ♥


April Dorris Corbett

Not only did April have custom bridal jewelry maid for her big day she had two sets created for when she had her gown change!~  L.O.V.E. that…!

P1280646 DSCF0337


I have to say that Mrs. April was by far the easiest bride I have ever had as she gave me the color story and gave me free reign from there…!  I encouraged her away from a necklace considering the neckline of the dress and embellishments at the waist.  We decided April would go with custom Swarovski crystal cuff bracelets and matching earrings designed to match her brides maids gorgeous silver gowns ♥




My dear Renee!~  This bride has become a very good friend since the day we first spoke about custom pieces for her wedding day.  I spent several days over the course of 6 weeks collaborating with Renee on what she was truly hoping for.  She knew she wanted vintage but was not 100% sure as to the style we would eventually go with!~  We worked with different colors of filigree, beading options, and hair accessory ideas before we decided on the “Renee Bridle” set that walked her down the isle ♥



Renee Bridle Collection


What makes Renee’s walk down the isle so special and anticipated was that it happened a year after the set date of her wedding to Bryan.  You see… Renee and Bryan made arrangements to get married on Hatteras Island North Carolina. The day before she was to leave for her destination wedding Hurricane Irene hit and made the outer banks where she was to be married in accessible.  You would think this girl would have her head in her hands in tears and inconsolable but not Renee!~  My guess is she was probably thanking God that she was not there when the hurricane hit!~  Never the less she married her love this year and had the ceremony in a vintage movie theater turned jazz club with only 40 guests and in Renee’s own words “I ended up liking the wedding we had much better as it was much more unique and personal!~

Perfect example of why you should just ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES…!


Renee Bridle Wilkinson

CJW_237 CJW_228

My Gorgeous Bride Jamie Webb was having a destination wedding in Mexico and wanted something a bit more tropical for herself, her brides maids and YES the groom too!~  We knew we wanted to use a bright fuchsia that mimicked the Orchids on her invitation for her brides maids.  It took a little convincing but I encouraged Jamie to add a bit of color to her piece as well.

P1250603_3 P1260310

She was wearing this very special Chiffon gown that was perfect for a beach wedding and wanted something feminine but not to over the top dressy.  We decided to do a simple strand of large white Swarovski pearls and tie in some gorgeous fuchsia and chiffon flowers that would sit delicately on the side of her neck with some baby pearl button earrings.  It could not have looked more perfect together for this romantic little beach wedding…!


Jamie Webb Smith

CJW_246 CJW_288

Jaime had asked me If I could create a boutonniere for her groom.  Her description of him consisted of manly, surfer, and he likes skulls…!  Knowing this I knew I had to be VERY careful when creating this piece as if it were to look feminine in any way it would be a no go.  WE decided to go with a small willow branch and create some cream chiffon buds (as to not look to flower like) and add a silver skull with cross bones.  We wanted to tie just a touch of fuchsia in there somewhere so we decided to go with inset fuchsia Swarovski crystal eyes ♥


I first met Erin when she was searching for a vintage wedding band on-line.  Even though I did not have what she was looking for in wedding bands I sent her a few options from some dealers I felt had what she was looking for.  She ended up finding the perfect wedding band locally but came back to have some custom wedding jewelry created.


After chatting with Erin to find out what direction we would go I get this sweet story about her wedding gown.  She begins to tell me that her family had pulled out this old trunk that belonged to her grandmother with this GORGEOUS ivory taffeta material inside fully embroidered along with some vintage lace!~  There was enough material to construct her entire wedding gown along with enough for me to incorporate in her head piece so that is what we did ♥  It is always so special when a loved one is no longer with us for these momentous occasions they can still be part of our special day in the most subtle way, or in this case part of the main event!~


Erin Lobb Szarka


Jennifer Knew what she wanted from there very start.  She had seen the “Myles” necklace on my site and loved it but wanted the colors tweaked to go along with her peacock themed wedding!~  We decided we would create the vintage broach to correspond with that color story.  Originally Jennifer wanted her hair accessory to have peacock feathers tied into it in some way.  I fiddled with the idea then encouraged her to create something that could appear peacock feather “like” without the feathers.  I felt that feathers would not go with the style of the necklace so we created this beautiful filigree head piece with all the glorious colors you would see in a gorgeous peacock!~  The head piece ended up being my favorite part of this set and I think Jennifers too ♥                                                        

P1280633 P1280782

I gave her a little bit of what she wanted “Under the Dress” and created this custom garter for her to show off when the leg pops out and the dress comes up..!  For the garter toss of course…!


Jennifer Ross Van Ness


Last but most certainly not least my gorgeous bride Jenny Russell.  This was for a 20 year renewal ceremony for her and her husband to restate their love for each other a second time ♥   Jenny told me it would be their 20 year renewal.  I could not believe it but Jenny and her love got married and are still sweet little love birds going out on dates and surprising each on the daily!~  Thank you for being such an amazing example of  TRUE LOVE “the soul mate kind” it is beautiful to see ♥♥♥


Jenny Poe Russell

Since this was the second time to state her love to Tony she wanted to make it more casual, more fun, and a little boho chic just like her!~  I created this gorgeous sterling silver pendant and embellished it with turquoise and brown iris crystal. We made the necklace adjustable from short to long so that after the even she would have many ways to wear. A perfect set for any Bohemian Bride ♥

Lastly a proposal for the ages!~  I hope you enjoy this sweet little short film on the most creative engagement I have ever seen!~  With the exception of my proposal over DUNKIN DONUTS of course ♥  Isaac and Amy’s Proposal Enjoy ♥

BEHIND THE SCENES…. Miami Photo Shoot for Black Tie Affair Holiday 2012


Shireen Sandoval

Back home and back to work from a whirlwind trip to Miami!~ Now that I have been able to gather my thoughts and get a grip on my excitement from such an awesome day and fantastic photo shoot I want to take a minute to thank some really AMAZING people that made it all happen!!

First and foremost I want to that the incredibly GORGEOUS Shireen Sandoval for putting this all together!~ She saw something in me and my designs and that in itself was huge for me, but to put an entire photo and film production team together was above and beyond what I had hoped for!!~ Not only that… I could not have had a more perfect model for this collection!~ It is my depiction of “Old Hollywood” ALL THE WAY and all the glitz and glam it brings This woman exudes these trates to the nth degree!~

Stylist Shari Bloch and Designer Jill Zaleski

Shari Richter-Bloch was the Stylist on this project and we have been working together for over a month sending photos and working on putting wardrobe together!! When you see the images you will most definitely think that we were working side by side visiting shops to find JUST the right thing as EVERY piece of clothing selected was made for the collection it was warn with!~ Her ability to see a crease, a spec of dust, or a thread in the back of Shireen’s jumper, remove it and smooth it out so that it was PERFECT (in the dark I might add) is a skill all on it’s own… She had displayed several of my pieces in a way that just fit. I wanted to incorporate as many pieces as possible and if they did not fit on her body Shari found a different way to display that just worked!~ All I have to say is WoW!!



Kelley and Fabian Carrillo and their production company “Simply Life” http://www.simplylife.tv/were the production duo that captured the entire day on film!~ If you know me you know that being interviewed makes me VERY nervous, so they would catch me on my off moments. When I was watching the shoot they had the camera sound on and just talked to me not knowing they were recording me to get me at my comfort level!! So professional and kind!~ I felt like I was with old friends the entire time!~

Black Tie Affair Short Film



Two makeup changes was two much to ask but they made it happen thanks to Javier Lucero who captured the Old Hollywood glam look like he was born to do this and then switch it to high fashion and edgy in an instant was magnificent to see!!




Mentally Preparing…!


Jewelry For Shoot




They gave me 4 wardrobe changes… 3 hair changes thanks to Angel Torres there was NEVER a hair out of place not to mention the ability to take it from one extreme to another in an istant was unbelievable unless you are there to witness it!~






Her team was AmaZing and every photo that Jesse Swinger “The Photographer” (assisted by Jessie Neft) took was golden!~ I think he must have been born with a camera in his hand!! The entire shoot was done in the dark using his lighting which is something I have NEVER see before but watching the images pop up on his computer screen I thought I was looking at a Vogue Magazine COVER!!!




 I Love all of you. Thank you so much for your hard work and your EXCELLENCE you deliver ♥

Black Tie Affair

This collection is full of high fashion glamor, sex appeal, and much excess!~ Several “One Of a Kind” pieces, attention grabbing BODY WEAR, and Vintage Crystal. Luxurious Crushed Velvet Ribbon in the richest of colors with hand stitched Preciosa and Swarovski tassels delicately cascading!~ Don’t miss this reinvention of Old Hollywood with a JZ twist ♥

Black Tie Affair ~ Holiday 2012

♥ Introducing Black Tie Affair ~ My depiction of OLD HOLLYWOOD with a JZ twist ♥ Take yourself back to a more GLAMOROUS time when swanky cigar bars and Jazz clubs set the stage for high fashion glamor at it’s finest ♥



I am a couture jewelry designer and fabricator with a background in fashion and styling. I take on every aspect of the creative process for all my collections which includes ~ Jewelry design and fabrication, hair and makeup, wardrobe, set production and total vision for the current collection!~

I have been in the retail and fashion industry for most of my life running high profile stores, training new management, and attending global sales conferences to learn more about the label and to strengthen the brand.

I have also added “fashion blogger” to my list of skills.
After writing for a national design blog as their fashion expert I am NOW bringing you METAL BRICK LIPSTICK!~ My own fashion blog where I will continue to write about all things fashion as well as makeup tips, photo shoot preparations, and everything in between…

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