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Now that my new collection “FREEDOM” has made it’s debut I would like to take a minute and show you what went into creating this very special and unique line.

As many of you know custom jewelry, and vintage bridal is my specialty, but like all of you I to get bored with my work.  That is how I was feeling when this collection came about.  I wouldn’t say I was bored with designing custom jewelry but the materials I was using were beginning to loose their inspirational power.  I love working with Swarovski because of the sparkle, German filigree because of the intricacy, but sometimes we all need a change.  That is how I was feeling at the time “FREEDOM” came about in my mind.  I wanted to put down the evening gown and sparkle, and create an everyday line that you could throw on with a T-shirt and jeans!~


First thought…. What materials will I use to make that happen.  Seeing that the bohemian/gypsy vibe was in charge this season I wanted to create something that was with trend but also timeless.  Natural materials were calling my name.  I started to search my usual vendors looking for beautiful turquoise in all shapes and sizes.  However I did not want to stop there so I began to seek out other materials that gave me the feeling of casual freedom, effortless style, and the bohemian vibe I was wanting to create.  I decided on beautiful corals, agate, jasper, aquamarine, buffalos teeth, bone, horn, a mix of metals and textiles I have been eager to incorporate.  Here is a small sample of materials I chose to use.


Once the materials were selected I started to think of who I wished to be part of my team and help bring the vision I had in my head to life.  I have worked with so many talented people since moving to TN so how would I choose?  The answer was simple… To make it truly special, and just a little sentimental I wanted to use EVERY girl that has modeled for me since moving to this beautiful, natural location that I live and have grown to love.  That is EXACTLY what I did along with adding a few new faces!~


If you are in the fashion industry you know that unless you have a fat wallet, or major connection to someone in the industry it is difficult to pull off a high fashion photo shoot that requires hair and makeup, several great photographers, 10 plus beautiful models, and a killer exotic location that fits the theme of the collection you are trying to capture.  It is difficult but not impossible… I have learned over the years that building a great collaborative network of artists that compliment what you do as well as your work complimenting what they do is not just important it is a make or break to pulling off a shoot of this magnitude with a very small budget.


In total we had 11 models, 3 hair stylists, 3 makeup artists, 3 photographers, and a 6 member film crew all giving up their time to be part of this very special collaboration, as well as several friends that came to assist with set up, and be part of the backdrop.  The shoot took place at the Pocket Wilderness in Dayton TN.  It is a magical little pocket “our exotic destination” where Mother Nature takes center stage right outside of Chattanooga!~


We created a makeshift gypsy camp for a more authentic feel to the summer music festival, free spirit concept we were hoping to capture.


We were fortunate enough to have EVATT&BLOOM join our team last minute.

They came to film what happens behind the scenes as well as some short clips of the girls hula hooping, eating fire, and strolling through the wilderness.

The film footage will be used to create a promo video/short film to promote my new collection!~


Several of the models brought their additional talents and expertise to assist and help bring shoot together.

 Cali Glover – Model/MUA/Hair/Photography

 Tootsie Von Comare – Model/Hair/MUA, Singer Song Writer for “Pack of Wolves”

 Jessica Eubanks – Model/MUA/Wardrobe Stylist

Bexy Ribeiro – Model/Fire Performer/Vocalist/Trumpet Player


Here’s Cali sneaking a shot with me in the background.  She’s always on point!~


This is Bonnie Hill.  She is based out of Chattanooga TN.  I am eternally grateful for this one!~  Bonnie and I have worked together on several projects. She is a truly amazing photographer…

Bonnie has a vision of how she sees the photo that is uniquely her own and has the ability to easily transition from newborn and family, to wedding day, to high fashion.

Sifting through her photos it would appear that all of her subjects were professionals.  That is because Bonnie knows what she wants to see behind the lens and has the ability to direct her muse of the day and capture them in a way that appears as if they have done it a lifetime.


Aaron Woodall was another one of the amazing photographers on set, and is based out of Knoxville TN.  This project was the first opportunity I’ve had to work with Aaron.  Aaron will climb mountain like boulders, and hang over the side of bluffs to get his shot. That in itself is pretty impressive!~

Bonnie snapped this one at the end of the day with Aaron and the girls!~  Unfortunately only 1/3 of the crew made it into this shot.  I have so much love for this gang, as well as the girls that had to leave early do to other engagements, and were unable to be a part of the finale.  April Phipps-McCuistion, Tiffany Merriman, Bexy Ribeiro, Jill Calrk.

To view my entire FREEDOM collection please follow the links below.

 FREEDOM 2014 Look Book ~ A Gypsy Summer…

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Shootout Event- Dayton, TN

Shootout Event Pocket Wilderness… This event was the first of it’s kind for me but was anxious to try something new and meet some amazing creative people!~ This sunny day was so special filled with so much talent throughout the majestic Pocket!
If I were to guess I would say close to 50 models, photographers, and creative people showed for this even in the middle of nowhere!~ It was quite a spectacle… I had one hiker look at me and say “what on earth is going on here”!
I believe I was the only designer which was a dream as so many beautiful models were adorned in my pieces and several photographers had captured some truly amazing images!~ I am thankful for the creative work that both Rae Marshall and Bonnie Hill were able to capture incorporating my designs. I could not be happier with the images I have seen..
I hope to collaborate with all of these amazing individuals in the very near future!~
Enjoy this very special blog post by Rae Marshall on the Pocket Wilderness shootout event! …XO

Rae Marshall Photography Blog

I had the pleasure of being invited to a Shootout Event in Dayton, TN this past weekend at Pocket Wilderness. The event was set up by Adrienne McNellis Photography, a great photographer in the area and many photographers and models, as well as stylists and designers attended. Here are some of the highlights from the images we all made! I just loved everyone’s set ups and outfits, and the location was amazing!

Shootout-98FShootout-2 Jewelry: Jill ZaleskiShootout-2Shootout-6Shootout-7 Model: Cali GloverShootout-9Shootout-10Shootout-15 Model: Tiffany MerrimanShootout-20Shootout-18Shootout-21Shootout-23Shootout-24Shootout-26 Model: April Phipps-McCuistionShootout-27Shootout-31Shootout-37 Models: Lexi and KayliShootout-34Shootout-35Shootout-39DFShootout-41Shootout-61Shootout-64Shootout-48 Model: Jessica Eubanks

Jewelry: Jill ZaleskiShootout-50Shootout-59Shootout-69 Model: Nadine PrathersShootout-70Shootout-71Shootout-68Shootout-96Shootout-95Shootout-79Shootout-85Shootout-84Shootout-89

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It is time to begin anew which means time to let go of the past..
2 times a year I do a closet cleaning at Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewelry in order to create a fresh start/clean slate…
You can pick up several beautiful handmade, and one of a kind items for 35% by following the link provided, or visiting my Etsy shop.


Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewelry – Semi Annual Sale begins today!~

What – 35% off select items
When – March 1st through April 1st 2014
Where – On-line
SALE Link – https://www.etsy.com/shop/jillzaleski?section_id=13355796

Interview with Ink Revolution – Featuring My Emeralds of Ceron


Ink Revolution Magazine
Model/Performing Artist Tootsie Von Comare
Emeralds of Ceron Custom Body Piece by Jill Zaleski


Model/Performing Artist Tootsie Von Comare
Emeralds of Ceron Custom Body Piece and Crystal Drop Earrings by Jill Zaleski


Interview with Ink Revolution Magazine


Ink Revolution Magazine
Model/ Performing Artist – Tootsie Von Comare
Emeralds of Ceron by Jill Zaleski

Thanks to Ricky Davis and Ink Revolution Magazine for choosing me as a your featured artist for February.  Images provided by Ricky Davis Photo.

If you would like to know more about model and performing artist Tootsie Von Comare and her band “Pack of Wolves” please follow links provided!~  ..XO

I L.O.V.E. Lucy ~ Valentines 2014

This collection will be full of vibrant KISSABLE fuchsias, reds, and bright golds, RoCKin chandeliers, fun and playful charm bracelets, and of course lots of SWAROVSKI SPARKLE! “I Love Lucy” will be a playful, casual, everyday wear collection ❤ Available for purchase “Thursday February 6th” by visiting my Etsy shop!~ http://www.etsy.com/shop/jillzaleski

The Sunny Summer Sun Dress at “JenDaisy Boutique” Fresh… Fun… Affordable…!

One of my favorite things to wear… My go to… My comfy…

You know you have a favorite shirt, jeans, shoes that is your “GO TO” item whenever you want to feel cute, but also comfortable.  To me “Cute Comfort” is essential in my everyday life.  I am a business woman as well as a mom to a very energetic 4 year old and wife to a busy man. My life is full of busy.  I never know if I will be in my studio working, going to a 5 year old birthday party, meeting with a new client or a rare but much anticipated lunch date with my luv!~

When I buy clothes I first think is it fresh?!  Being a designer it is crucial to keep things fresh in your designs as well as how you present yourself.

Second  it is important that I stay true to my style as well as choose items that compliment my ever growing and changing jewelry line.

3rd is it comfortable?  Working, running after small children, and meeting with clients I need to be able to tie in all three things and as most women of business know oh so well!


My GO TO during the summertime is a cute, comfortable, airy summer sundress.  Short… Long… Midway… I love them all but this season and with my schedule the “MAXI” has become my best friend. Comfort with out question. The Tomato Red Maxi with Aztec print from JenDaisy Boutique is at the top of my list when reaching for something fresh, fun and EASY to wear.  It is strapless but do not let that deter you if the dress is the right material.  “This dress is made out of  “chiffon” which makes it super light, airy, and oh so comfortable.  The top of the dress is fitted with a rubber type banding  that prevents the strapless top from slipping/sliding down and creating an embarrassing moment.  The chiffon keeps the dress from sticking to your skin on those hot summer days!~


Just like the Tomato Red and Aztec above this dress is made out of chiffon so it is also incredibly light and airy.  What I love most about this Mustard and Paisley option with the strapless ruffle is it is very easy to slip into, and the ruffle makes it not just possible but more flattering to wear without a bra.  The bloucy-ness of the top with added ruffle completely disguise anything you do not wish to show the world…!

A word from Jenny  – Owner of JenDaisy Boutique


“It is not just about selling clothes for me. It is about helping women find their beauty in clothes and helping them build confidence because the right clothes can make a true difference in how someone feels about themselves”

Now that you’ve seen a peak of what JenDaisy has to offer how about a DRESS GIVEAWAY…!  


 How would you like to have your very own JeDaisy Dress “of your choice” FOR FREE!!!

Here’s how to win. – Like/Share or comment on this blog post with all of your facebook friends!~  each time you “like/share” or “comment” on this post you will be entered to win a dress of your choosing.  The more you share the bigger chance you will have to win your very own SUNNY SUMMER SUNDRESS from JenDaisy Boutique

Not in Greenwood, IN. Don’t let that stop you!~  JenDaisy will ship anywhere in the U.S.

Sizes range from XS to XXXL

My First Photo Shoot With Braces…

I have had my Damon Braces for about 2 months now and am finally getting use to them. Fortunately I have not experienced much pain.  I find the most annoying part of having braces is eating out and the food getting stuck in between your teeth and braces. I now carry a tooth-brush with me everywhere I go and I constantly find myself swishing water around in my mouth to remove any excess food!~

My second visit to the Orthodontist was last Friday and I got great feedback that my teeth are moving rather quickly so we bumped up my appointments from every six weeks to every four.

As you know if you follow me a huge part of my life is designing and fabricating custom couture jewelry.  Doing so I do not always have a model readily available.  I am so used to photographing pieces on myself but as you can imagine once the braces were on I felt incredibly insecure doing so. I decided to work with what I had and photograph the new pieces on myself that I needed to get in the mail and on their way..!

9aaec01abf0111e296ed22000aaa0a30_7 3bc144b4bf0211e2881c22000a1f9871_7 5097dac4b8b811e2a46122000a9d0dc6_772ce403ebf0611e2933922000a1fc684_7 0880c58abf0611e2989522000a9f3c91_7

For the first shoot after having my braces on I feel like I did fairly well making them unnoticeable.  The hardest part for me was holding my lips gently over my braces without if being obvious I was trying to cover them.

I am thrilled at the progress I have made with my Damon System Braces and I am truly looking forward to my next visit to the Orthodontist..!

For more information on Damon System Braces or to read about  “My first Day in Braces” you may do so by following this link – Day One In Braces

Day One In Braces…

I am a “37” year old jewelry designer and stylist. With a 4 year old son… So as you can imagine this stage in my life getting braces may seem a little silly, extreme, non conventional… AND Yes it is all of those things… I have thought about doing this for many years now and have had several consultations all of which told me that do to the small nature of my jaw I would have to have 2 or more teeth removed in order to create the space needed to straighten my bottom teeth.

That was until I found new Technology on-line call the Damon System.  I have read and researched every teeth straightening method known to man and then this… Something that could transform the way I smile in 18 months or less and WITHOUT removing any of my teeth…!

Day One In Braces

  AS you can see the Damon System Braces are much smaller that traditional braces and they are smooth all the way around.


I had the Damon Braces put on just yesterday and today I am in a significant amount of discomfort.  I can expect it to get gradually worse over the next 7 days… Eating has been difficult.  Soft foods mostly until I get use to the braces and the discomfort lessens…

I will be updating this story every 6 weeks to document my progress and for others that find themselves wondering if this what they have been searching for all these years!~

Wish me LUCK ♥

“A Fairies Tale” by Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewlery

COMING SOON… A Fairies Tale will take you away to far off land filled with magical tree princesses, night walkers, and a touch of pixie dust… Close your eyes and imagine escaping to a mythical land of beauty, mystical forests, and hidden gems…
Come join me Wednesday at noon as I introduce you to Evenstar the mythical tree princess, Fleur Delacour, Evenstar’s adversary, and the little pixies Katie Bell, and Lavender Brown who keep the peace in the land of Dunn ♥

Evenstar ~ Mythical tree princess and guardian of the forest… She is the gate keeper to the the Amethyst Gardens and Dewberry Caves!~ Evenstar’s purpose is to protect the gardens and keep her Evil Adversary Fleur Delecour out of the land of Dunn

Katie Bell ~ The sweeter of the two pixies and serves as Evenstar's messenger.. Don't let her gentle beauty fool you.  She may be small but she is mighty

Katie Bell ~ The sweeter of the two pixies. Her duties are to advise and serve as Evenstar’s messenger.. Don’t let her gentle beauty fool you. She may be small but she is mighty and will turn you into a butterfly with a dash of her pixie dust!~

Lavender Brown ~ She is soft and delicate and strikingly beautiful. She is very kind, humorous with a touch of mischievousness..! Don’t let this one catch you causing trouble in the land of Dunn or she will cast you out of Neverland with one wave of her magic wand

Fleur Delcour ~ Evenstar’s Adversary and the evil queen of the Onyx City. She is a night walker who turns light to darkness, and feeds off the nectar of the Amethyst Gardens.. She will just as easily turn you to stone if you get in her way…

 Won’t you join me on my little adventure  Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewelry

Model: Shireen Sandoval
Designer/Stylist: Jill Zaleski-Johnson
Photographer: Jason Dunn assisted by Allie Clarke
Hair: Tootsie Von Comare and Heather Mock
Makeup: Jessica Eubanks 

LOVELY ~ Valentines 2013

LOVELY ~ Valentines 2013 ~ Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewelry

♥ INTRODUCING….. LOVELY Valentines 2013. This sweet little collection is full of limited addition Swarovski crystal hearts that are paired with some of my favorite styles and color stories. Show off your favorite CRYSTAL HEARTS lariat this Valentines Day for your Valentine and find your own way to wear ♥

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