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Ring of Fire | Food Truck | Napa Valley


One thing that makes all who visit fall in love with Napa, is it’s amazing food scene and renowned wineries that landscape the Valley.   Food trucks, pop ups, and wine cellars all boasting of their delights that are always fresh, local, and sustainable.  Food and wine “is life” in wine country!~

Last night was no exception.  Myself along with several other local wedding planners, food bloggers, and event professionals were invited to an intimate tasting on the backside of a beautiful vineyard in support of “Ring of Fire.”  A new and exciting food truck that is hitting the streets of Napa Valley.  Their specialities –  Smokey BBQ and Hand Forged Pizza!~


They started of with smokey spicy wings.  Not really something you can eat in any kind of elegant manner, but no one cared they were so beyond delicious.  Several guests went back for seconds.

Sweet and smokey ribs were what we dove into next.  Fall off the bone deliciousness is how I would describe.  The meat so tender that when I went in for my sample it “literally” fell off the bone.  Perfectly smokey, with the dark exterior caramelized to perfection.  They had their own sweet and smokey BBQ sauce to accompany but the ribs truly did not need a thing.

Next up – Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella, Hand Forged Pizza.  My only complaint since moving to the Valley was finding a really great pizza.  I feel like I accomplished that last night.   Plum tomatoes, fresh basil, generous amounts of soft smokey mozzarella. The crust was perfectly crisp, yet thin enough to not overwhelm. The Tomatoes… Oh My…. They literally melted in your mouth.  The texture of the “large chunks” of plum tomatoes was incredible.  They reminded me of a tomato that was blanched just enough to remove the skin but firm enough to give a meaty bite. I had a small slice before I had to head out but have been thinking of the bursts of flavor since I left last night.  IMG_0015 IMG_0008

Owner Colin McCluskey and Team


There was no “Soda Pop” at this function. The only accompaniment to this Wings, Pizza, and Ribs show is the best reserve in Napa Valley!



Weather you are a”napkin” or plan on visiting Napa Valley, look for the Ring of Fire Food Truck.  They cater large events and intimate private parties.  You can also pick up orders to take home, or grab a delicious snack on your lunch break.  To say “you will not be disappointed” is an understatement!~

 Ring of Fire Food Truck will be opening for retail business March 2, at 1630 Action Avenue, Napa CA (next to St. Clair Brown Winery)

To keep up to date on additional locations the truck will travel, along with their seasonal bites follow the Ring of Fire food truck on Facebook!

Event coordinated by Posy Studios Napa.