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Bonnie Hill…

Once in a lifetime… One in a million… Like no other… So cliché.  I know.  Sometimes however… a good resinating cliché is what you choose in order to express a deep love of, or an excitement for.  That is how I fee whenever I receive a new, beautiful image from one of my most beloved photographers Bonnie Hill.  I call her the creator of whimsey… Even her name “Bonnie Hill” sounds like a fairy tale…

When looking for a photographer to shoot my 2013 holiday collection “After Midnight”  I was on the search for someone new, as one of my go to photographers just moved to NYC and the other was busy with new baby.  Thankfully one of my models suggested a young photographer who may be interested in our project but mainly shot weddings and family.  I had seen a few of her images that really struck me and thought WOW.. she is so talented!  Finding out she was interested in collaborating with us, and also wanted to try something new and different on her side we set things up to meet for the first time the day of shoot.  I got really lucky that day…  That was the day I met Bonnie Hill.


Since the day of the after midnight shoot we have worked together on many more campaigns. I Love Lucy  “Valentines campaign”, a few mini sessions, a campaign for JenDaisy women’s clothing boutique, and my favorite of all… “FREEDOM ~ A Gypsy Summer.  My final campaign in Chattanooga.   Shortly after my freedom shoot I found out I was moving across the country to Napa CA.  I knew it would be an exciting adventure, but also knew I would be leaving so many talented people that I adored working with behind.  Bonnie was at the top of that list.

Thankfully her and I have found ways to still do projects together even after my move.  Not that there are no talented photographers in my new location.  There are plenty.   Its more of the comfortability factor.  Them knowing what you want and you knowing what they want.  Bonnie and I have that times a million. Not to mention her gift to direct even the shyest of muses into a VOGUE inspired pose is fascinating to see.

Just recently I sent her a collection of “Game of Thrones” inspired pieces saying “do your magic” and that is exactly what she did.  What I really love about this collection of photos is that it is the exact same pieces on three VERY different models.  Looking at these photos in particular really shows you the talent behind the lens, and how a vision can change drastically with the right photographer and a new muse.

DSC_0559copyMDB_6897DSC_1980 copy2 copy

When I see the first captivating image of HMUA Jill Clark I think Marilyn Monroe all the way… Then as I scroll down to beautiful Lauren Flatt I picture Lord of the Rings mystical elf queen Galadriel.  Continuing on Nadine Korp captures Game of Thrones Sansa Stark in all of her dark and mid-evil glory.

When spending as much time as I do creating pieces with a purpose of you imagining an existence outside our world.  You can only hope to have someone that also sees what you see.  Someone that brings another layer of romanticism. A photographer that has a gift for creating a world beyond our own through digital and making us believe.

Finding gifts in others is something to celebrate.  The ones that make what you do look more spectacular than it ever could have without them.  For this reason.  I celebrate Bonnie Hill and the beauty that she captures.  Thank you for always understanding my vision and always delivering something new and more spectacular than the last. …XO


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FREEDOM ~ A Gypsy Summer…



Now that my new collection “FREEDOM” has made it’s debut I would like to take a minute and show you what went into creating this very special and unique line.

As many of you know custom jewelry, and vintage bridal is my specialty, but like all of you I to get bored with my work.  That is how I was feeling when this collection came about.  I wouldn’t say I was bored with designing custom jewelry but the materials I was using were beginning to loose their inspirational power.  I love working with Swarovski because of the sparkle, German filigree because of the intricacy, but sometimes we all need a change.  That is how I was feeling at the time “FREEDOM” came about in my mind.  I wanted to put down the evening gown and sparkle, and create an everyday line that you could throw on with a T-shirt and jeans!~


First thought…. What materials will I use to make that happen.  Seeing that the bohemian/gypsy vibe was in charge this season I wanted to create something that was with trend but also timeless.  Natural materials were calling my name.  I started to search my usual vendors looking for beautiful turquoise in all shapes and sizes.  However I did not want to stop there so I began to seek out other materials that gave me the feeling of casual freedom, effortless style, and the bohemian vibe I was wanting to create.  I decided on beautiful corals, agate, jasper, aquamarine, buffalos teeth, bone, horn, a mix of metals and textiles I have been eager to incorporate.  Here is a small sample of materials I chose to use.


Once the materials were selected I started to think of who I wished to be part of my team and help bring the vision I had in my head to life.  I have worked with so many talented people since moving to TN so how would I choose?  The answer was simple… To make it truly special, and just a little sentimental I wanted to use EVERY girl that has modeled for me since moving to this beautiful, natural location that I live and have grown to love.  That is EXACTLY what I did along with adding a few new faces!~


If you are in the fashion industry you know that unless you have a fat wallet, or major connection to someone in the industry it is difficult to pull off a high fashion photo shoot that requires hair and makeup, several great photographers, 10 plus beautiful models, and a killer exotic location that fits the theme of the collection you are trying to capture.  It is difficult but not impossible… I have learned over the years that building a great collaborative network of artists that compliment what you do as well as your work complimenting what they do is not just important it is a make or break to pulling off a shoot of this magnitude with a very small budget.


In total we had 11 models, 3 hair stylists, 3 makeup artists, 3 photographers, and a 6 member film crew all giving up their time to be part of this very special collaboration, as well as several friends that came to assist with set up, and be part of the backdrop.  The shoot took place at the Pocket Wilderness in Dayton TN.  It is a magical little pocket “our exotic destination” where Mother Nature takes center stage right outside of Chattanooga!~


We created a makeshift gypsy camp for a more authentic feel to the summer music festival, free spirit concept we were hoping to capture.


We were fortunate enough to have EVATT&BLOOM join our team last minute.

They came to film what happens behind the scenes as well as some short clips of the girls hula hooping, eating fire, and strolling through the wilderness.

The film footage will be used to create a promo video/short film to promote my new collection!~


Several of the models brought their additional talents and expertise to assist and help bring shoot together.

 Cali Glover – Model/MUA/Hair/Photography

 Tootsie Von Comare – Model/Hair/MUA, Singer Song Writer for “Pack of Wolves”

 Jessica Eubanks – Model/MUA/Wardrobe Stylist

Bexy Ribeiro – Model/Fire Performer/Vocalist/Trumpet Player


Here’s Cali sneaking a shot with me in the background.  She’s always on point!~


This is Bonnie Hill.  She is based out of Chattanooga TN.  I am eternally grateful for this one!~  Bonnie and I have worked together on several projects. She is a truly amazing photographer…

Bonnie has a vision of how she sees the photo that is uniquely her own and has the ability to easily transition from newborn and family, to wedding day, to high fashion.

Sifting through her photos it would appear that all of her subjects were professionals.  That is because Bonnie knows what she wants to see behind the lens and has the ability to direct her muse of the day and capture them in a way that appears as if they have done it a lifetime.


Aaron Woodall was another one of the amazing photographers on set, and is based out of Knoxville TN.  This project was the first opportunity I’ve had to work with Aaron.  Aaron will climb mountain like boulders, and hang over the side of bluffs to get his shot. That in itself is pretty impressive!~

Bonnie snapped this one at the end of the day with Aaron and the girls!~  Unfortunately only 1/3 of the crew made it into this shot.  I have so much love for this gang, as well as the girls that had to leave early do to other engagements, and were unable to be a part of the finale.  April Phipps-McCuistion, Tiffany Merriman, Bexy Ribeiro, Jill Calrk.

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