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When you meet him..

Have you ever spent so much time thinking about how you want to say something in order have the biggest impact?  Searching for the words that will be the right words to make a difference?  That is how I feel writing this post right now..

WE spent last week in southern California’s eclectic, eccentric Venice Beach.  Not our typical getaway as we are normally pulled to the quiet serenity of the Sonoma Coast. But when you have free tickets to Universal Studios and an almost 9 year old you must go south!IMG_20170906_131205.jpg

 I have been to Venice beach and Santa Monica years ago before husband and child, and was excited to share in the dynamic cultural experience with Gunther and Eric.  We did all the typical things.. We went to the beach shops full of cheep T-shirts and souvenirs.  We went to the famous Venice Beach skate park and road our skateboards down the boulevard. 




We ate at new, fun, restaurants and street stands.



We went to Santa Monica Pier and let Gunther spend a couple hours running around between Arcade games and carnival rides.  We road the giant ferris wheel.  We took endless amounts of photos to capture these new family memories.  We were having a really great time. 




Once Gunther had his fill of Carnival rides, and arcade games we knew we had to head back and take out the dogs, so we started our walk towards Venice Beach.  On our way we were passing “Chess Park” A small little park right in front of the original muscle beach between Venice and Santa Monica. 




It wasn’t much.  9 wooden tables with several chess boards permanently placed in each.  As we were passing by we noticed this older man very grandpa-ish sitting by himself with a chessboard mat on top of the chessboards inserted in the tables.  It was all set up to play with a big white rock and other collected items holding it in place. 


It had been a long day so when Gunther asked if he could go ask him to play we were kind of relieved knowing we could just sit there and watch for awhile.  Gunther asked.  The man said sure.  Where it went from here was none other than a completely life changing experience and I say this with tears streaming down my face as I write this.  We’ll get back to the tears in a bit.

Noticing his accent we knew he was not born in the U.S.   It was rather thick, sounding a bit eastern european.  I was starting to wonder if Gunther would be able to understand him.  Gunther is an old soul, has always gravitated towards the grandmas and grandpas, and takes his time to listen and pay attention.  He had no trouble at all, or at least he did not show it.  As they began to play Gunther was his typical quiet self.  Moves were being made, and the questions and critiques started flowing.  FROM THE MAN.

Why did you do that?

What’s going to happen?

That’s no good.

Eric and I look at each other and kind of giggle.  This guy is legit and Gunther is about to get schooled in chess!  Gunther continues to make his moves rather quickly while the man is still looking for answers and is determined to get them.  You can see in Gunther’s face his want to give the man answers, yet he fails to find a reason why he moved that chess piece there.  So as this goes on the man says to Gunther “you need to think about the end game.  Slow down.  Take your time.  Why so fast.  Why you move there?”


At this point he takes the next move against Gunthers recently placed piece and proceeds to eliminate every single piece from the board to show Gunther “The End Game”. 


After Gunther was shown how the game would end with his single move the man placed each piece back on the board exactly where it was so they could continue on. 



This continued to happen each time Gunther did not think about the move, and the man determining it as a “bad move”.  This went on for hours.  3 to be exact.  Taking pieces away to show the END GAME.  Questioning Gunther on his “bad moves” and forcing Gunther to give him a reason why he chose that move.  Eric and I had been looking for signs from Gunther for at least an hour trying to determine his mood and how tired he may be.  He showed no signs of wanting to leave so the game went on.  As the sun was starting to set it became clear that we were going to have to let Gunther know he needed to say goodbye to his new friend because we needed to get back to feed the dogs.  At this point we asked the man his name as he did not give it to us at the time Gunther sat down.  Only Gunther gave his.  He told us his name was Eddie and he was from Russia.


Walking back towards Venice beach Gunther asked how long they were playing and we told him 3 hours.  He said it felt more like 40 minutes.  I was kinda shocked at this as I thought he was so ready to go but did not want to be rude to Eddie.  He let me know that was not the case.  In his words he told me he learned more in the 3 hours with Eddie that the 3 years in chess class, and asked if he could go back and play chess with Eddie tomorrow. Really?

In the morning we went and had breakfast and were deciding on the days plans.  The only thing Gunther wanted to do was go to the beach and skateboard down to chess park, so that is what we did.  As we got to the park there was Eddie.  At the same table he was at the day before with his board all laid out, pieces set, and rocks in place.  AS soon as Eddie saw us he stood up and greeted us with a soft happy smile.  It took no time. They began to play.  The questions started to flow.




Why did you do that?

Why did you move your bishop there?

If you do this then I do this.

Think about the end game.



This continued on for another 3+ hours.  It was almost like Eric and I weren’t even there with the few bathroom break exceptions.  During Gunther’s bathroom breaks we took some time to get to know Eddie a little better.  WE had discovered Eddie speaks 3 languages, Eddie has lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and how Eddie first learned to play chess.  He had told us he first learned to play chess in Russia by watching the adults as kids were not allowed to play.  They could watch but had to be silent.  We got a little more information about Eddie with each bathroom break.


At this point we knew we needed to get back, pack up, and get ready to leave for home in the morning.  WE were having a hard time leaving.  Saying goodbye in particular.  You see during these two days we also discovered something about Eddie that we could not get out of our hearts and minds.  WE discovered Eddie is homeless.  Eddie sleeps in chess park.  Eddie is a 68 year old try-lingual homeless man.  Eddies is also a master jeweler and has the same birthday as Gunther.  I would not have believed it if I did not see it with my own eyes when he pulled out his ID card.  He did this because we wanted to be able to keep in touch with Eddie and asked for whatever contact information he could give us.  First I got his phone number.  But when he said it wasn’t charged I quickly realized it is probably difficult for him to keep it charged being homeless.  He also gave us his ex-wives address where he receives mail.  Not what I was hoping for but knew it was better than nothing at all.


While gathering up our skateboards we asked Eddie if we could bring him dinner this evening.  He said yes.  WE told him we needed to go back to take care of our dogs, do some packing and cleaning the house, but would be back shortly with dinner.

Two hours later we headed to chess park with hot meals in hand looking forward to seeing Eddie.  But he was not there.  We decided to go down the street, eat, and come back.  No Eddie.  We left one more time and came back.  No Eddie.  We did notice there were police monitoring chess park that evening.  After our third attempt we went back to our rental a little bummed.  Why did he say he would be there but was not there.  How could we leave tomorrow without saying goodbye to Eddie? What if he thinks we did not come back.  We left felling a little sad and heartbroken.


AS we packed up the car we decided we would put together a care package for Eddie as an early happy birthday.  I think we just wanted a reason to go back and see if he was there.  Dogs in car, roof rack packed we drove to chess park to find Eddie.  There he was!  In his usual spot. All set up and ready to play.  We walked up with care package and he stood and smiled.  I’m sorry he says.. I was not here last night.  The police ran me out.  Told me if I did not go I would be arrested.  The homeless were causing trouble by the pier that night, the police were called, and all homeless were pushed out of chess park.  Including Eddie.  My heart sunk as we gave Eddie the care package, knowing we were steps away from saying goodbye, getting back in our nice car, and driving back to Napa to our nice home.  How could someone so smart, with so much to offer the world, and at his age be homeless?  The answer.  He just cannot afford rent anymore with his social security he brings in.  Eddie has been homeless for two years after they raised his rent.  So this is what he has.  AS we turned and walked towards our car I broke into sobs.  I wanted to drop to my knees.  The sadness that overtook me in that moment could have filled an ocean.


Today I find myself needing to help Eddie.  My husband finds himself needing to help Eddie, but most importantly my son finds himself needing to help Eddie.  When asking Gunther what he wanted for his birthday he told us he wanted to find Eddie a home. 

Starting today our garden stand earnings will go to Eddie.  We will be looking to find Eddie help through the homeless foundations of Southern California. We are also starting a go fund me account for Eddie, so anyone that finds it in their heart can help him with food, medical needs, and work towards getting enough money for a apartment/rental home. 


An Artful Collaboration

Another holiday season is upon us which means a new holiday collection and artful collaboration.


Moving across the country a year ago came with a huge set of challenges for me.  One of which was moving away from my very artistic collaborative partners.  I had such an amazing group of artists that I worked with weekly living in Chattanooga.  They would all come together to help me pull off a large project for a new collection.  Likewise when my HMUA’s, models, and photographer friends needed me to create something for them, style them for one of their up coming performances, or needed some of my jewels for an editorial they were working on I was always on board with a willingness, and a want to help create something truly special.  That is just how we did things… Kindness breeds kindness..

Since moving to CA I knew I wanted to rebuild a new collaborative network of artists.  But how would I do this… It took years to gather such a talented group that understood my wants and needs and me theirs.  It all starts with a conversation really…

I met Laurie Nigliazzo through our children who are in first grade together.  Laurie is a floral artist and has a flowers and events business sweetly named “Posy Studios“.  After discussing our two talents we decided we wanted to incorporate both into a beautiful collaborative project.  Now that we have an idea… it’s time to build a beautiful, artful team.


Laurie Nigliazzo – Not only is Laurie an amazing floral artist she is a wedding and events planner, and finds artistic expression in painting. She is an incredibly dedicated individual and in-between her many projects she finds time to help out with local charities, and fundraisers that benefit our community. She describes her daughter as “very kind with a big heart”. The same can be said about Laurie.


A few of Posy Studios beautiful floral creations (crowns, wristlets, and floral collars)  that were used in collaborative project.

The next step was to get a photographer on board that wanted to shoot something other than their everyday… When you’re building a collaborative team you need to think of what you have to offer others that will be participating..  After all… they are giving up their time for you.  Laurie had a friend that just finished shooting a wedding she provided flowers for.  Kassidy’s typical everyday is weddings, so joining our group would give her a new creative outlet and allow her to photograph something completely outside of her everyday.   That is how we found Kassidy Love Photography.


Kassidy Mefford ~ Kassidy Love Photography


Kassidy with kids from the village in which her non-profit organization is based in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

Kassidy is such a kind and loving soul.  Not only does she photograph life for a living she is Owner/Operator of Dale Dagger Surf tours Nicaragua, and founder of a very special charity called the Sweet Water Fund.  The Sweet Water Fund is a grass roots foundation dedicated to inspiring a Nicaraguan village and empowering the local women through job opportunities, a healthy lifestyle and the arts. I am thankful I had the chance to meet and get to know her.  If you would like to find out more about Kassidy or her non profit organization Sweet Water Fund please follow links provided. 

Next on the collaborative agenda was finding a HMUA team (hair and makeup) and some willing models to be our living dolls for a day.. 


Jessica Tahsler – I have had a passion for the hair and beauty industry most of my adult life. I have been licensed for eleven years. In that time I have mastered a wide range of techniques. My specialty and passion is in education. I have been an educator since 2005. Helping others obtain their goals of succeeding has always fueled my passion and inspires me to stay updated on all the latest trends, so in turn I can inspire others!

I knew another mom from my son’s school that teaches students HMUA at a the Marinello Schools of Beauty here in Napa CA.  I knew immediately I had to reach out to her to be part of this project.  Not because Jessica has a ton of experience doing this type of thing, but because of the kind of person she is.  Regardless of experience I find it equally important to request those who you feel comfortable around, have a kind and gentle presence, and work well with others.  Jessica is all of those things and has taught students HMUA  for 10+ years.   Jessica selected some of her top students to assist her in project, and arrived to location excited to showcase their work!   Her team included Giosifa Cavalli Taufa, Ariel Cook, and Holly Matfield.  

For their very first rodeo of this kind they did an amazing job!


Left to right: Ariel Cook, Giosifa Cavalli Taufa, Holly Matfield, Jessica Tahsler 


HMUA doing what they do BEST!

With everything in place I just needed to select the models and we would be on our way to the start of what will become “DOVEY” My 2015 Holiday collection.

Knowing I had several pieces to shoot it made sense to have 3 or 4 models so that the shoot would flow, and we could continue to photograph while HMUA changes were being done.

I have never used Model Mayhem, but know several artist friends that have.  Since being new to the area and wishing for models with some experience I created my first casting call.  I received several inquiries and selected one model from MM.  I also created a post on “The Bay Area Actors, Models, Photographers, and mua’s Network.  It is a good source to use if you have a network like this in your area as it creates a wonderful creative forum for people in your profession to connect. I was able to find one more lovely girl using this network.  We had two other beauties in our circle of friends and a little 7 year old doll by the name of Alexi!  We were ready.


Alexi Nigliazzo-Ruxton and her dog Jax – The sweetest thing…  She loves fashion.  Has since the day she was born.  Her mother (Laurie Nigliazzo and Floral Artist) says she has never been able to pick out her outfits because she is very passionate about her own personal style… Alexi is a very kind child with a huge heart.

IMG_0212 1

Niba Nirmal – “I am currently a third year undergraduate student studying Genetics and Genomics, as well as Environmental Toxicology and Asian American Studies. I started modeling a few years ago, and absolutely love the beautiful people she has met and images that have been made as a result. I can’t wait to see where it will lead me to next!”

IMG_0292 1

Chante Lanuza – “Free Spirit” is definitely a perfect descriptive for Chante… “I am an artist and currently going to school for welding to fabricate mixed medium sculptures.  Born and raised in Napa CA.


Grace Bartlett – Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, and is signed with Clear Talent Group. – “What inspires me often is the world around me. Understanding that everything has a ripple effect off of each other, and that in the grand scheme of things, we are one. Thoughts like that are what drew me to becoming a vegetarian! I try to be vegan often but I can’t fully call myself one. My sister, also inspires me every day because of her dedication to bettering our world. She is one of my biggest influences with how I view life in general!”


Hatice Erdec – I am from Turkey. I used to play basketball professionally. I came to USA to study MBA. I am currently working as a junior project manager and model. I’ve always been a huge fan of modeling. What inspires me? A few of my model and photographer friends have been so kind to help point me in the right direction, and wanted me to start modeling. Then l found myself in the fashion shows. After that I got very good feedback from photographers and designers, and they started to book me for photo-shoots and fashion shows, in which I became a more experienced model . They are the ones that inspire me! I love my job. It was so fun.

The shoot took approximately 5 hours.  We pressed on through dusk and would have continued for a few more wardrobe changes, but unfortunately we were running out of daylight.  We were shooting the campaign outside where natural light was a must.  Even through this we got some lovely artistic photos of Hatice from the glow of the pool.  It was a wonderful idea on Kassidy’s part to use the beautiful pool lighting as a background for one last photo.

IMG_0450 1


I would like to extend a special thank you to Betty’s Girl Boutique for providing us with some beautiful vintage wardrobe options.

If you are looking for a vintage wedding gown or something customized to your own personal taste and style Kim Northrop is a talented seamstress and owner of Betty’s Girl Boutique on Pearl Street Napa CA.  Kim will be happy to assist you with all of your vintage wardrobe needs.


A beautiful selection of vintage finds provided by Betty’s Girl Napa

It was a truly special day with a wonderful team of artists.  I am very thankful to all that gave up their time and came out to be a part of this project.

If you are a photographer, HMUA, model, or visual artist and would like to do a collaborative project with me, please message me the details of your project to jillzaleski@gmail.com.  I am always looking for new, talented individuals that inspire me with their creativity.

 “DOVEY” Holiday 2015 Look Book

Where to purchase  > DOVEY



Ring of Fire | Food Truck | Napa Valley


One thing that makes all who visit fall in love with Napa, is it’s amazing food scene and renowned wineries that landscape the Valley.   Food trucks, pop ups, and wine cellars all boasting of their delights that are always fresh, local, and sustainable.  Food and wine “is life” in wine country!~

Last night was no exception.  Myself along with several other local wedding planners, food bloggers, and event professionals were invited to an intimate tasting on the backside of a beautiful vineyard in support of “Ring of Fire.”  A new and exciting food truck that is hitting the streets of Napa Valley.  Their specialities –  Smokey BBQ and Hand Forged Pizza!~


They started of with smokey spicy wings.  Not really something you can eat in any kind of elegant manner, but no one cared they were so beyond delicious.  Several guests went back for seconds.

Sweet and smokey ribs were what we dove into next.  Fall off the bone deliciousness is how I would describe.  The meat so tender that when I went in for my sample it “literally” fell off the bone.  Perfectly smokey, with the dark exterior caramelized to perfection.  They had their own sweet and smokey BBQ sauce to accompany but the ribs truly did not need a thing.

Next up – Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella, Hand Forged Pizza.  My only complaint since moving to the Valley was finding a really great pizza.  I feel like I accomplished that last night.   Plum tomatoes, fresh basil, generous amounts of soft smokey mozzarella. The crust was perfectly crisp, yet thin enough to not overwhelm. The Tomatoes… Oh My…. They literally melted in your mouth.  The texture of the “large chunks” of plum tomatoes was incredible.  They reminded me of a tomato that was blanched just enough to remove the skin but firm enough to give a meaty bite. I had a small slice before I had to head out but have been thinking of the bursts of flavor since I left last night.  IMG_0015 IMG_0008

Owner Colin McCluskey and Team


There was no “Soda Pop” at this function. The only accompaniment to this Wings, Pizza, and Ribs show is the best reserve in Napa Valley!



Weather you are a”napkin” or plan on visiting Napa Valley, look for the Ring of Fire Food Truck.  They cater large events and intimate private parties.  You can also pick up orders to take home, or grab a delicious snack on your lunch break.  To say “you will not be disappointed” is an understatement!~

 Ring of Fire Food Truck will be opening for retail business March 2, at 1630 Action Avenue, Napa CA (next to St. Clair Brown Winery)

To keep up to date on additional locations the truck will travel, along with their seasonal bites follow the Ring of Fire food truck on Facebook!

Event coordinated by Posy Studios Napa.

MoTown Starlet ~ Holiday 2014 Look Book

Sexy… Sophisticated… with a little bit of an EDGE…. MoTown Starlet is High fashion glamor at it’s finest… Old Hollywood… Swanky Cigar Bars… And a little bit of MoTown Blues…
Most pieces can be customized to your color story upon request as well as several “one of a kind” pieces for the JZ collectors ♥

“I want to be a Big STAR more than anything. It’s something Precious” –Marilyn Monroe


Gorgeous Jill and her ‘One of a Kind Jewelry’ – WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

 LOVING THIS… Thank you for this amazing post down memory lane Shireen Sandoval Here’s to us!~

“Shireen’s Favorite Things” Fashion Blog – Introducing my 2014 Holiday Collection “MOTOWN STARLET.”
This sweet post takes you through the start of our relationship to present day as well as an interview with your’s truly!~ It makes me laugh to read as I look back where it all started at the VELVET LOUNGE SWINGERS CLUB! If you are dying to know what I am speaking of…..? Read on my friend!

Holiday 2014 ~ Motown Starlet

Gorgeous Jill and her ‘One of a kind Jewelry’ – WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco.

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