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Shireen on the Scene….

It is always a very special day when you get featured by fashion and lifestyle blogger Shireen Sandoval.

An even more magnificent day when your favorite fashion blogger is featured in Las Olas Magazine… modeling your designs… next to fashion icon Diane Von Furstenburg ❤


MoTown Starlet ~ Holiday 2014 Look Book

Sexy… Sophisticated… with a little bit of an EDGE…. MoTown Starlet is High fashion glamor at it’s finest… Old Hollywood… Swanky Cigar Bars… And a little bit of MoTown Blues…
Most pieces can be customized to your color story upon request as well as several “one of a kind” pieces for the JZ collectors ♥

“I want to be a Big STAR more than anything. It’s something Precious” –Marilyn Monroe


Gorgeous Jill and her ‘One of a Kind Jewelry’ – WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

 LOVING THIS… Thank you for this amazing post down memory lane Shireen Sandoval Here’s to us!~

“Shireen’s Favorite Things” Fashion Blog – Introducing my 2014 Holiday Collection “MOTOWN STARLET.”
This sweet post takes you through the start of our relationship to present day as well as an interview with your’s truly!~ It makes me laugh to read as I look back where it all started at the VELVET LOUNGE SWINGERS CLUB! If you are dying to know what I am speaking of…..? Read on my friend!

Holiday 2014 ~ Motown Starlet

Gorgeous Jill and her ‘One of a kind Jewelry’ – WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco.

“A Fairies Tale” by Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewlery

COMING SOON… A Fairies Tale will take you away to far off land filled with magical tree princesses, night walkers, and a touch of pixie dust… Close your eyes and imagine escaping to a mythical land of beauty, mystical forests, and hidden gems…
Come join me Wednesday at noon as I introduce you to Evenstar the mythical tree princess, Fleur Delacour, Evenstar’s adversary, and the little pixies Katie Bell, and Lavender Brown who keep the peace in the land of Dunn ♥

Evenstar ~ Mythical tree princess and guardian of the forest… She is the gate keeper to the the Amethyst Gardens and Dewberry Caves!~ Evenstar’s purpose is to protect the gardens and keep her Evil Adversary Fleur Delecour out of the land of Dunn

Katie Bell ~ The sweeter of the two pixies and serves as Evenstar's messenger.. Don't let her gentle beauty fool you.  She may be small but she is mighty

Katie Bell ~ The sweeter of the two pixies. Her duties are to advise and serve as Evenstar’s messenger.. Don’t let her gentle beauty fool you. She may be small but she is mighty and will turn you into a butterfly with a dash of her pixie dust!~

Lavender Brown ~ She is soft and delicate and strikingly beautiful. She is very kind, humorous with a touch of mischievousness..! Don’t let this one catch you causing trouble in the land of Dunn or she will cast you out of Neverland with one wave of her magic wand

Fleur Delcour ~ Evenstar’s Adversary and the evil queen of the Onyx City. She is a night walker who turns light to darkness, and feeds off the nectar of the Amethyst Gardens.. She will just as easily turn you to stone if you get in her way…

 Won’t you join me on my little adventure  Jill Zaleski ~ One of a Kind Jewelry

Model: Shireen Sandoval
Designer/Stylist: Jill Zaleski-Johnson
Photographer: Jason Dunn assisted by Allie Clarke
Hair: Tootsie Von Comare and Heather Mock
Makeup: Jessica Eubanks 

Shireen Sandoval wearing one of my creations on Deco Drive TONIGHT….!

MY Fredericka Cocktail Ring from “Little Darling Dreamer” will be warn by Shireen Sandoval on Miami’s Deco Drive TONIGHT!!! I CANNOT wait ♥ ♥
Fredericka ring

BEHIND THE SCENES…. Miami Photo Shoot for Black Tie Affair Holiday 2012


Shireen Sandoval

Back home and back to work from a whirlwind trip to Miami!~ Now that I have been able to gather my thoughts and get a grip on my excitement from such an awesome day and fantastic photo shoot I want to take a minute to thank some really AMAZING people that made it all happen!!

First and foremost I want to that the incredibly GORGEOUS Shireen Sandoval for putting this all together!~ She saw something in me and my designs and that in itself was huge for me, but to put an entire photo and film production team together was above and beyond what I had hoped for!!~ Not only that… I could not have had a more perfect model for this collection!~ It is my depiction of “Old Hollywood” ALL THE WAY and all the glitz and glam it brings This woman exudes these trates to the nth degree!~

Stylist Shari Bloch and Designer Jill Zaleski

Shari Richter-Bloch was the Stylist on this project and we have been working together for over a month sending photos and working on putting wardrobe together!! When you see the images you will most definitely think that we were working side by side visiting shops to find JUST the right thing as EVERY piece of clothing selected was made for the collection it was warn with!~ Her ability to see a crease, a spec of dust, or a thread in the back of Shireen’s jumper, remove it and smooth it out so that it was PERFECT (in the dark I might add) is a skill all on it’s own… She had displayed several of my pieces in a way that just fit. I wanted to incorporate as many pieces as possible and if they did not fit on her body Shari found a different way to display that just worked!~ All I have to say is WoW!!



Kelley and Fabian Carrillo and their production company “Simply Life” http://www.simplylife.tv/were the production duo that captured the entire day on film!~ If you know me you know that being interviewed makes me VERY nervous, so they would catch me on my off moments. When I was watching the shoot they had the camera sound on and just talked to me not knowing they were recording me to get me at my comfort level!! So professional and kind!~ I felt like I was with old friends the entire time!~

Black Tie Affair Short Film



Two makeup changes was two much to ask but they made it happen thanks to Javier Lucero who captured the Old Hollywood glam look like he was born to do this and then switch it to high fashion and edgy in an instant was magnificent to see!!




Mentally Preparing…!


Jewelry For Shoot




They gave me 4 wardrobe changes… 3 hair changes thanks to Angel Torres there was NEVER a hair out of place not to mention the ability to take it from one extreme to another in an istant was unbelievable unless you are there to witness it!~






Her team was AmaZing and every photo that Jesse Swinger “The Photographer” (assisted by Jessie Neft) took was golden!~ I think he must have been born with a camera in his hand!! The entire shoot was done in the dark using his lighting which is something I have NEVER see before but watching the images pop up on his computer screen I thought I was looking at a Vogue Magazine COVER!!!




 I Love all of you. Thank you so much for your hard work and your EXCELLENCE you deliver ♥

Black Tie Affair

This collection is full of high fashion glamor, sex appeal, and much excess!~ Several “One Of a Kind” pieces, attention grabbing BODY WEAR, and Vintage Crystal. Luxurious Crushed Velvet Ribbon in the richest of colors with hand stitched Preciosa and Swarovski tassels delicately cascading!~ Don’t miss this reinvention of Old Hollywood with a JZ twist ♥

Black Tie Affair ~ Holiday 2012

♥ Introducing Black Tie Affair ~ My depiction of OLD HOLLYWOOD with a JZ twist ♥ Take yourself back to a more GLAMOROUS time when swanky cigar bars and Jazz clubs set the stage for high fashion glamor at it’s finest ♥

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